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Building Bright Futures

At Dubbo College, we provide a learning environment fostering the growth of each student to achieve their personal best.

High expectations

At Dubbo College, we provide a learning environment fostering the growth of each student to achieve their personal best.

By nurturing their aspirations in a caring community, we inspire students to achieve academic excellence and become people of integrity and character. Our academic extension classes cater for gifted and talented students,  having access to specialised teaching through the ASPIRE program. 

Our uniquely broad and flexible curriculum, one of the most comprehensive in NSW schools, is designed to motivate students and build a life-long love of learning.  Senior science students have the opportunities to apply to attend forums at major universities such as the University of Sydney's National Science School. 

Cross-curricular experiences and dynamic extension activities, including the annual Science and Engineering Challenge and regional debating, stimulate positive outcomes for students.

Professional and caring staff 

At Dubbo College, our experienced and dedicated staff recognise the unique strengths and qualities of each student.

Innovative teachers bring out the best in each child and challenge students to achieve their academic, sporting and creative goals.

Teachers work collaboratively to identify opportunities for innovation, consistently reviewing teaching practices to enrich student learning experiences.

Teachers take pride in supporting students to become independent forward thinkers who tackle challenges with innovation.

Supporting your child

At Dubbo College, we foster interpersonal and cross-cultural empathy and understanding, community service and ethical behaviour.

Our commitment to the care and growth of each student is complemented by effective support and underpinned by strong student discipline.

Cultural and leadership opportunities abound in a safe, caring and accepting environment.

Community partnership

Dubbo College is the heart of a strong and vibrant community helping students feel connected and supporting their intellectual, emotional and social growth.

We focus on developing well-rounded, caring young people prepared for an active role as leaders and citizens in their community.

Our College has successfully built collaborative community partnerships in providing students with opportunities to make a difference.

Students have the opportunity to serve the local community, gain valuable work experience and be exposed to a wide range of life challenges.

A safe environment 

At Dubbo College, students are part of an inclusive and nurturing environment, where strong discipline forms the basis of teaching and learning.

Students are educated to respect others, embrace individual differences and value supportive relationships.

A comprehensive whole-college approach to wellbeing helps students feel worthwhile, engaged and purposeful.

Specialised programs develop resilience and offer students opportunities to lead, exercise good judgement and self-discipline.

A well-rounded education

Dubbo College offers a balanced approach to education and builds a solid foundation for students to contribute to their community with wisdom, integrity and imagination.

We seek to give each child a holistic education, focusing on intellectual social, emotional and creative growth in preparation for a challenging and fulfilling life after school.

Our students benefit from excellent career enhancement opportunities through our links with businesses and tertiary education providers.

Students are equipped with the tools and resources they need to be active and responsible citizens who are community-focused and make positive life choices.

Outstanding opportunities 

Dubbo College challenges and inspires students by providing a wealth of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

We support students to explore and develop their own passions and areas of expertise.

Students learn teamwork, cooperation and leadership skills while building self-esteem.

Beyond the classroom, students have access to a broad range of challenges and experiences.

Our students leave Dubbo College as successful graduates whose future in the world is one of promise. They are young people with confidence and spirit who take charge of their destiny.