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ASPIRE Program

The Dubbo College Aspire program provides students with talent the opportunity to work in an enriched and supportive learning environment which is differentiated to meet their individual learning needs.

Dubbo College Aspire program is designed to provide a learning environment where students can undertake challenging activities, have opportunities for creativity, identify and develop their strengths and be encouraged to achieve academic excellence.

Applications are open for incoming year 7 students in 2025.

Selection Criteria

* Strong academic performance across a range of subjects with developed literacy and numeracy skills

* Critical and creative thinking

* High level of self motivation

* Positive attitudes to school and learning

* Ability to work in a team in learning situations

* Positive behaviours which enhance learning

Please click on the link below to apply.


Applications close Friday 3rd May 2024

Applications will be considered by a panel of staff from Dubbo College. This consideration includes recommendations from Year 6 teachers and ongoing consultation with them during the selection process. Applicants will undergo aptitude testing and may also take part in collaboration based project work as part of their suitability assessment for the Aspire program.