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Senior Campus Wellbeing

Dubbo College Senior campus aims to provide a young adult learning environment where all students feed safe and supported to achieve their individual potential. Students have the opportunity to develop a sense of identity based on self-discipline and responsibility, supported by a fair and effective discipline structure. Wellbeing programs have been developed to enhance student knowledge of emotional and social wellbeing that foster respectful relationships and prepares them for their role as active citizens in our community. There are opportunities for students to maximise their potential and contribute to school life through programs such as Life Ready, mentoring, the RISE merit award program and our Student Representative Council. Our Wellbeing Team focus on providing individual support to students across the areas of academic, behaviour, attendance and wellbeing. Our team include:

Head Teacher Wellbeing                               Ann Brandon

Strive for Success mentor                             Kate Damen

Student Support Officer                                Michael Daly

Aboriginal Education Officers                      Donna Williams, Skye Moore

School Counselling Service                           Gary Black

Learning Support Teacher                            Ann Brandon

Individual Careers Counselling                    Stephanie Newman, Liana Taylor, Renae Justice

Girls Supervisor                                

Year Advisors                                                 Kate Damen & Rebecca Brown – Year 11 
                                                                         Tim Billiards, Abbee Milgate, Kalli Heflin - Year 12

Students are encouraged to check in with the Student Support Officer or Year Advisor if they have any concerns our would like to know more about services available.

School Counsellor

The Counselling Service at Senior Campus can be accessed by students, parents and teachers. Self-referrals are always welcome.

As the need arises counsellors run programs in study skills, anti-bullying, self-esteem, anxiety, depression coping skills, grieving, trauma counselling and so on. To assess the need for these programs the counsellors work with the executive staff, year advisers, teachers and the learning support team. To assist the school community, the counselling service has collaborated with a number of outside agencies including for example Greater Western Health Department, NALAG and Reconnect. The involvement of these agencies has assisted the school to deal with complex and serious issues.

Counsellors can be contacted either personally or by telephone on 6882 4655. The counsellors’ office is located in I block.

School Counsellor:           Mary-Jane Britten