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Delroy Campus Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone and Device Policy

The NSW Government has announced restrictions on the use of mobile devices including mobile phones in NSW high schools beginning in Term 4, 2023.

The mobile devices management plan at Dubbo College will apply to all student mobile devices, and will occur during all school hours, including break times such as duringlunch and recess, as well as while students are on school-based excursions. 

Students will still be able to carry their devices while travelling to and from school.

School staff can allow students to use their mobile devices in specific circumstances,such as for an educational purpose.

After careful consideration of the impact of mobile devices on student wellbeing and learning, we are using the option of mobile devices being turned off and kept out of sight, to reduce the distractions of students in the classroom.

In line with the new NSW Government ban on mobile devices in all schools, Dubbo College will be implementing these procedures across all campuses.

We welcome NSW Government’s introduction of mobile device free schools as it aligns with our current approach to maintain positive learning and engagement, however, we will always make sure you can contact your child in an emergency. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the campus directly on 6882 7955.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my parents/carers want to contact me during the school day?

We want our students to be engaged in their learning. In an emergency they can contact the administration office on 6882 7955.

What happens if my phone is sighted by a staff member during school hours?

The mobile phone will be confiscated on the spot. Confiscated phones will be lockedaway securely in the schools safe. The parent/carer will be contacted by a deputy principal to collect the phone from the school between 8.00am and 4.00pm. Phones will not be returned to students.

What happens if I refuse to hand over my phone?

Students will be issued a formal caution of suspension in accordance with theDepartment of Education’s suspension policy. Suspension may result from continued disobedience.